Richard Rubenstein

Richard has a passion for people… How they think, what they buy, where they go, who they associate with, what drives them, what inspires them and many more questions like these, boggle his mind. With this never ending nag in his brain, he constantly seeks new challenges through business and everyday life.

Richard has been involved with many successful start up companies (clothing, entertainment, events, work abroad, etc) for the past 12 years. Starting from when he was still at school (a clothing label at the age of 16) he built strong brands as he went through life. The past 5 years have seen the accomplishment of new concepts being publications (on and offline) that had to break into their respective markets with their unique marketing strategies. Recently he has been focusing on international markets which have widened his scope and vision. At his young age, his business drive is as strong as his passion for life in which he savours each moment.

Conrad Callow

Having started his working career from a young age, Conrad took to business like a fish to water and excelled in various challenging industries throughout his lifetime, ultimately leading to a management position at each stop. Initially leaving Cape Town’s beautiful shores for the U.S.A followed by the U.K, he returned to further his studies within the Bcom Marketing field and subsequently stayed to pursue a career locally. The thought of being “just an employee” wasn’t good enough for Conrad and his enquiring business mind, competitive nature & keen interest in sales psychology eventually got the better of him and lead him down the entrepreneur path, later giving birth to multiple successful companies which now reside under the ARC Brands banner. Having travelled extensively and working for some well known international brands including Carnival Cruise Lines, Virgin & LA Fitness, he has gained invaluable first-hand knowledge and insight into the way major international companies operate and build their particular brands. Conrad can be seen working at the forefront of each of the brands and provides ARC Brands with a unique advantage in terms of brand activation and implementation.

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