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We are the guys behind: A Superyacht Crew training Academy (Certified Superyacht Academy), STCW 95 & offshore skills training (Safety At Sea),  A live music Eatery & Bar (The Piano Bar), a crowdfunding platform (Launchable) & an online media publication (togetha)

We believe in loving what you do & enjoying business, therefore, you will find that all our brands reflect our work ethos. We cover skills development, lifestyle & Hospitality industries.

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The ARC Brands site is the place where we keep all our closely guarded babies. Its our umbrella company which pulls all the strings in the various markets in which we operate.

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Exploring new industries, we are always on the look out for ideas. We feel a superior product, informative marketing & strong customer service is key to the success of a brand.

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Building brands with a smile

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